looking back at sapporo

i’m trying my hand at maybe my last ‘regular’ series of posts… to look back upon the cities that we’ve stayed in this trip and to compare that to our first day to see how our opinions of the city had changed.  aside from the ski resorts, sapporo was my first city… when did we […]

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the many walking styles of asia

location: niseko terrain: resort town with fresh snow and high winds style: slowly, usually with our heels slipping out from under us resembles: location: rusutsu terrain: hotel lobbies and designated trails to the uploading lift style: upright resembles: location: otaru and sapporo terrain: flat & urban, fresh/packed snow, sub zero temperatures style: mostly small steps […]

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weekly recap #4 – sapporo

q. current home/addy where i stayed (neighbourhood) and how long a. sapporo (university district) for 1 week, extended to 11 nights q. favourite meal a. crisp tonkatsu with equally crispy cabbage and three kinds of rice.  dericious.  even more dericious when you can eat three bowls of rice and not have to think twice about […]

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First Home Cooked Meal

I miss cooking. Have not puttered around the kitchen for more than a month and I really miss it. Plus we need a break from eating out. We had planned to make the spicy vermicelli dish from Delicious One but the supermarket was missing the star ingredient…no vermicelli. Pasta it is. We even managed to […]

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Sapporo Cat Cafe

Made it back to Sapporo today and by chance on the way home from dinner, we pass the cat cafe I was hoping to get to before. So serendipitous! Jojo took one for the team and visited the cat cafe with me after taking a Reactine. Everything in the cafe was cat themed, including the […]

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