the many walking styles of asia

location: niseko
terrain: resort town with fresh snow and high winds
style: slowly, usually with our heels slipping out from under us
resembles: bananapeel

location: rusutsu
terrain: hotel lobbies and designated trails to the uploading lift
style: upright
resembles: walking

location: otaru and sapporo
terrain: flat & urban, fresh/packed snow, sub zero temperatures
style: mostly small steps with shoulders squished up due to the cold temperatures.  waddle-like motion with arms forming an A-shape
resembles: otaru_sapporo

location: asahikawa
terrain: icy and always blizzarding.  likely colder than the worst storm you’ve ever been in.
style: small, vertical steps, soles touching the ground flat on every step
resembles: atat

location: tokyo
terrain: stairs, in temples, in department stores, in subway stations.  our destination always seems to be higher and higher
style: upright at first but hands will find their way to the hips, thighs and eventually the kneecaps.
resembles: tokyo

location: seoul
terrain: hills
style: slow, panting, leaned forward the higher the elevation
resembles:   mountain_climber

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