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pork bowl lunching at butadon ippin

this was our first meal in sapporo for this leg of the trip and haha was looking for a donburi place.  butadon ippin is a pork rice bowl chain and they had a location just down the street from where our airbnb was.  they’re a chain restaurant that used to have locations in the usa but i’m not sure anymore.

their menu makes it easy for locals and travellers alike.  you get to pick:
rice – small, medium or large
pork – small, medium or large
sauce – light, regular, extra
slice size – small (cut into 6 pieces), regular (cut into 3), big (cut into 2), caveman style (one big chunk that i presume you are not allowed to use utensils for)

easy ordering experience for once

we both went with medium pork, regular slice sizes and extra sauce with medium and large quantities of rice.  when the food was delivered, both of our pork slabs were spilling out under the lid of our bowls.

the pork equivalent of a muffintop

when we walked in, the first person in the kitchen we noticed was a man weilding a hairdryer.  he was drying out the pieces of pork before searing them on their open flame grill.  the  pork was juicy, tender and still had a slightly chewy texture to it.  parts of the fat were also crispy and each piece was generously coated in their slightly sweet tare, similar to a bbq sauce but not as bold.  we’ll be back for another one of these bowls before we leave, that’s for sure

900 yen goes a long way

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