First Home Cooked Meal

I miss cooking. Have not puttered around the kitchen for more than a month and I really miss it. Plus we need a break from eating out. We had planned to make the spicy vermicelli dish from Delicious One but the supermarket was missing the star ingredient…no vermicelli. Pasta it is. We even managed to find basil.

Making use of every counter space

Good thing I’m used to cooking in a small kitchen and pasta can be done using one pot. Half way through the process, I realized that we do not have any salt or pepper but butter, garlic and basil gave it enough flavour.


It’s so nice to be able to set the table for dinner and sit down to a home cooked meal. Hope to do more cooking this week.


I kept one of the milk jars from Otaru, it makes a perfect vase for these pink carnations I found at the flower shop.

4 thoughts on “First Home Cooked Meal

  1. Hey! I’m really enjoying your blog guys :). After all the amazing descriptions of food you’ve eaten, I was starting to wonder how often you two ate out vs. cooked? Are you eating out every day?

    1. Shamed to admit that we eat out most of the time. Sometimes we try to be somewhat healthy by grabbing stuff from the deli section i.e. onigiri, bento items and bag of salad. Fruits and veggies are very expensive here. It’s been tough to eat healthy.

      1. Well, relatively speaking, you two aren’t eating fast food every day – lots of noodles, rice, seafood… It could be worse!!

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