About Us

a little something about us and our little cubbyhole on the Internet…

who – two semi-professional working professionals from Vancouver, BC, Canada.  age bracket: post-university but pre-retirement

what – a joint decision to step away from the daily grind of our lives to explore and see what the rest of the world has to offer

where – around the world starting in Vancouver, BC, Canada and going westward from there

when – we started our trip in January 2016 separately and aimed to meet each other in Sapporo, Japan after haha spent three weeks in China.  this trip was originally intended to be six months but we currently have it planned out as about 10 months.

why – to quote a line from one of my favourite movies of my childhood,

life is short.  if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.

we first started planning this trip about two year ago as we were updating each other on our work days.  you know how that goes… usually with a lot of eye rolling and head shaking.  I can’t remember who brought it up first but it was a running joke that we would sell all our worldly possessions and leave for an extended vacation.  as the days went along, we discussed logistics and the possibility of making this decision a reality.  stepping away from a career is a big move at any age but having worked for myself for a few years, i’m somewhat comfortable with the uncertainty of the future.  i think the bottom line is that neither of us felt that we were a good fit for our current jobs and this trip was motivation for us to break up our routine and move out of our comfort zone.  committing to our decision didn’t happen until about january 2015 and it took me almost another six months to commit to breaking the news to my parents as well as giving ample notice to my employer who is a childhood friend.  with six months to go, time to plan our destinations was flying by very quickly and our itinerary has been changing almost weekly.  unplugging from the world of social media, email and phone calls can be difficult in this day and age but for me, i prefer solitude and putting some distance between myself and the world in which we live in.  perhaps that’s why i love snowboarding so much.  for most of the day it’s just you, your friends and the mountain.  no distractions, worries, noise or traffic to deal with; just silence.  it might sound preposterous to say that we’re spending this trip in search of silence but i believe there is an inner peace to be found when balancing new experiences with varying cultures.


so there’s our justification for blowing up our lives.  at three months into our trip, meeting up with friends along the way has filled the void of being homesick.  if you’d like to join us on our travels, our details are:

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haha’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hahahane/

jojo’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joeyjojo604/

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