Clothing,  Luggage

r.i.p. my hoodie, my heart, my travel companion

we all knew this day would come.  from the moment we met at the outlet mall in palm springs in march 2015, i had a sense that we would get along just fine.  even moreso when i found out that you were from the ‘buy one get three free’ pile.  i couldn’t find a twin of yours so you were my one and only and have been so for our 14 months together.

we first spent the cold palm spring evenings and early los angeles morning together and as our relationship grew, explored the great outdoors.  you kept me warm on those spring slush days in whistler.  you kept me dry when my pond skim went south and i started sinking into a glacial pond.

you were my go-to jacket on our quick excursions to thai son for #46s with no salad.  we spent many a bike ride together through downtown and east vancouver.  you have kept me company through countless tasty beverages at various craft breweries; i even remember that your favourite is still brassneck 🙂

as our first autumn together approached, i could rely on you to keep me warm and dry as i commuted between offices; back when i was part of the workforce.  you were casual yet cleanly styled enough that i could tiptoe the line of ‘acceptable attire’ at many an office.   i thank my IT career for being able to fully integrate you into my life.

as i prepared for this lengthy trip, i had no doubts in my mind that you would come with me; the only question was for how long.  i would never have made it out of hokkaido alive were it not for you.  we were the outcasts once we travelled through tokyo.  many envious looks at dress shirts were taken by myself but we were a team.  as we ventured across the city of seoul in 10 degree weather, we shared kpop performances, dined at dimly lit pork belly restaurants and ventured out for hot, crispy fried chicken on cold spring nights.

we started drifting apart in taiwan.  you seemed to distance yourself as the temperatures climbed above the 20 degree range.  it didn’t help that hong kong had a similar climate and you locked yourself in the closet for five days.  as i packed for the philippines, i left you with some alone time to collect your thoughts.  upon my return, i feel like our time has run it’s course.  we had great times together but you deserve someone who needs you everyday.  i will cherish our memories together and maybe someday we’ll meet again.  until then… stay warm.

may 2, 2016, the day i lost a piece of myself…

nb: upon arriving in barcelona, i’ve been chilled to the bone.  we’ve only seen one day of rain thus far but it’s been more than brisk in the evening.  i’m sorry my dear hoodie :*(

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