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suitcase life, revisited

it’s no surprise that i overpacked at the start of this trip.  as the city count has gone up, so has my luggage size decreased.  i’ve gone from two backpacks, an expanded carry-on and a snowboard bag to one backpack and a compressed carry-on.  yet with this setup it still feels too big on those times where we’re commuting via trains.

enter hong kong.

in my dumbassedness, i left for this trip without a camera and have ended up adding a mirrorless camera to the mix three weeks ago; a purchase i don’t regret making in the least but this definitely doesn’t allow me to travel light by any means.  add a few gopro mounts to the mix and i feel like my electronics portion of my luggage is growing out of control.  not sure how else to slim this down but this is what i’m working with now:

all the things that keep me looking so dapper :/
  • 6 x t-shirts
  • 2 x tank tops
  • handful of ginches aka: my saturday outfit
  • boardshorts
  • 1 x jeans
  • 2 x shorts
  • 2 x collared shirts
  • 2 x long socks
  • windbreaker
  • belt
electronics and other doodads
  • headphones – surprisingly, i’m so happy i decided to pack these
  • sunglasses
  • fuji x-t10 camera + charger
  • gopro + charger
  • 2 x gopro mounts and selfie stick
  • 1tb backup drive
  • mhl to hdmi cable – for outputting video from table to tvs
  • travel plug adapter
  • bellroy slim wallet
  • samsung note3 – barely hanging on for dear life
  • asus win10 touchscreen ultrabook – not in love with this but much ligher than my old laptop
  • bellroy travel wallet – another money addition.  would recommend this to anyone who travels.  thanks cyguy

i’m open to any suggestions to help slim this down.  i think i might be addicted to the thought of throwing things out.  is there such a thing?


  • Nads


    How is 5 pairs of undies enough? Soiled undies must be rotation.

    Also what about no-show socks?

    Also, you’re a Canadian passport holder? When did that happen?

    I like that your tshirts are so colourfu.

    • jojo

      i don’t think these undies have ever been washed so frequently and vigorously. best $1 per spent in the beijing markets!

      my strategy behind my coloured shirts is that it dictates what i will order that day; hedging vs a broader range of food stains

      ain’t nobody got time for socks when it’s not raining

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