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The Tightest Pants in the Land

Since arriving in Spain, I’ve noticed that the young guys here wear tight pants. Maybe it’s a European thing or maybe they are skinny enough to carry off the look but it’s definitely a big enough trend that I had to comment on it.

So like a proper stalker, I spent an afternoon taking photos of young guys in tight pants.

The guy on the left had on jeggings I think
Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I had to zoom in close for this one
The guys pants are as tight as the girls
Tight pants posse #1
Tight pants posse #2

If I were the fashion police, I would say that only the very very skinny guys should wear pants that tight. Otherwise it just makes you look fat, even when you are not.

If I were the health police, I would put a warning label on those tight pants. They can’t be good for your health. Pants that tight cuts circulation to a lot of places. Enough said.

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