Lokrum Island

After our walk around the wall at Dubrovnik Old Town, the heat was so unbearable, we decided to hop on the ferry to take us to Lokrum Island where there are several cliff beaches as well as a miniature Dead Sea that we could swim in. The ferry takes about 15 minutes and leaves every […]

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Dubrovnik Old Town

Catching glimpses of Dubrovnik as we arrived by bus, I can agree that it is indeed the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik is very beautiful from afar, clear crystal blue waters surround the walled old town with its white buildings and red tile roofs. Once inside, the buildings are so well preserved that it almost […]

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Memorable Santorinians

There are some pretty memorable characters from Santorini such as the host guy at this one restaurant that we pass by everyday. Joe made the rookie mistake of saying “next time” to him when we walked by him the first time with no intention of ever eating there. Kind of like saying “I’ll call you” […]

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Coolest Museum in Humlebaek

For some reason there is a museum of modern art in Denmark named Louisiana. According to Wikipedia, the name of the museum derives from the first owner of the property who named the villa after his three wives, all named Louise. How convenient for him. Names aside, this modern art museum is one of the […]

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The Real Pastel de Nata

Since our sampling of the most famous Portuguese tarts in Macau, we of course had to try them in their native land. They are known as pastel de nata and we ate a lot of them all for the sake of research of course. The stand out ones are listed below. Our first one we […]

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I Believe in Miracles

One of my favourite dishes to make at home is red cooked pork belly. Once in a while I would make a trip to T&T to get all the ingredients and spend a Sunday afternoon making the dish. It’s my comfort food and it’s been a long time since I’ve made it. We managed to […]

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Sunflower Fields

On our way back from Cordoba to Seville, we noticed there were fields of sunflowers. The girly girl in me squealed in silent delight at the thought of running through a field of sunflowers. But the closest one we were able to get to was separated from us by a giant ditch and we could […]

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Dreaming of Granada

Even before we left, I knew that I want to come back to Granada. It’s such a beautiful city. So much greenery, colourful gardens, nice plazas to hangout. The city is small enough that you can walk everywhere. Within the city, there are many gardens known as carmens. Some are open to the public for […]

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Many Pieces of Gaudi

We had time to see two other architectural works of Gaudi while in Barcelona. Both were commissioned by Eusebi Guell, a wealthy Spanish industrial tycoon. Guell Palace Mansion located in the El Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. We walked by and noticed that there was no line up, so we decided to pay the €12 to […]

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