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Getting my pho on in Prague

I didn’t know until we got to Prague that the Vietnamese people forms the largest immigrant community in Poland according to Wikipedia. Best news ever because I can finally have some decent pho! We were in Prague 5 days and I had vietnamese everyday.

Day 1 – Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan. The pho was excellent, a bit different with addition of minced ginger in the beef. Broth is quite clear. We ordered a side of nems (spring rolls) but they were premade and not as tasty and fresh as they could’ve been.

Tuan & Lan

Day 2 – Mr. Banh Mi. Name is pretty self explanatory. I got the special sub, you know, the one with pate and mystery vietnamese meat. Soooo good! Been so long since I’ve had cilantro.

Mr. Banh Mi

Day 3 – Neb.O would be the prime example of what hipster pho would be. The restaurant decor is super modern and wait staff look super hipster. They had really good juices and ice teas with mint, cucumber and other refreshing ingredients. The broth was pretty light and it was nice to get the fresh chillis on the side.


Day 4 & 5 – Remember Vietnamese. This spot was my favourite, liked it so much I brought Jojo there the next day. They had fresh made deep fried nems (spring rolls) like the ones we had in Paris made with rice  paper. The broth is closest to the pho we have in Vancouver.

Remember. Well done beef.
Remember. Rare beef.

Prague is a very beautiful city but I will always remember it for the pho.

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