Unusual Airbnb Listings

While browsing through Airbnb listing for Tokyo this morning, I came across some interesting listings.


The above listing is in Tokyo. $25 per night for a completely unfinished unit, what a deal!


Fuzzy photo of umbrellas is not really selling the space.


Unless I am sleeping in an actual restaurant, food pictures does not make the listing any more attractive or helpful.


I’ve come across the same bed covers in two of the Airbnb places that we have stayed at already.


Unless this bed is meant for two extremely anorexic runway models, there is no way it will fit two persons.


If I were 5 years old, maybe I’d be excited about bunk beds that does not look strong enough to hold a grown adult person.


There’s no way I would be able to convince jojo to sleep in this room lol.

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