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Dubrovnik Old Town

Catching glimpses of Dubrovnik as we arrived by bus, I can agree that it is indeed the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik is very beautiful from afar, clear crystal blue waters surround the walled old town with its white buildings and red tile roofs. Once inside, the buildings are so well preserved that it almost feels as if the entire place is a giant theme park called Old Town.

First night walking through Pile Gate at Dubrovnik Old Town
Very busy as we are in full tourist season by the time we got to Dubrovnik at the end of June

Most of the restaurants in Old Town are geared towards tourists, are very expensive and offer seafood. Poor jojo lived off pasta and pizza the entire time. We met a lady from London who was surprised by how expensive everything was. That’s incredible coming from a Londoner.

Octopus salad was very good at Barba in Old Town
I also had some very tender grilled calamari

One of the main activities to do in Dubrovnik is to walk around the city walls.  We decided to tackle the wall early in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat. We started at Pile Gate (one of three entrances) and from there, it’s a one way walk all the way around the wall.

Looking down on the Strata, the main street

Game of Thrones season 6 has already ended by the time we got to Croatia so we didn’t see any filming. From the wall, we did see film props still located in one of the harbour but I’m not sure if it was for GOT.

Starting our walk around the wall
Fort Lovrijenac in the background is a popular GOT filming location
Laundry hung out to dry from one of the apartment buildings
It’s a long ways to fall from the top of the wall
Parts of the wall gets very narrow with room enough for one person to walk through
Drinking spot along the wall. We didn’t stop because all the drinks were very overpriced.

By the time we got to the halfway point of the wall it was about noon and extremely hot. There were also more people by then and everyone was trying to take pictures with their selfie sticks. We got pretty cranky by that point.

The stairs to the right was also a GOT filming location but jojo didn’t really care by this point
It was so hot, smiling was the last thing on our minds
No cover under the midday sun
Couple of very bored first aid attendants

By the time we reached Minceta Tower, we were so hot that we didn’t even care that this was also a GOT filming location. While Jay went up the tower, jojo and I just sat in a shaded area too lethargic to move.

Lots of people at the Minceta Tower
Base of Minceta Tower appeared in GOT where Daenerys went looking for her dragons in the city of Qarth in season 2
If I squint hard enough, I can see King’s Landing

On our last day of Dubrovnik, we drove up to the lookout point above the city where the cable car is stationed to get a better view of Old Town. The road there is a one lane road and at times a bit scary to navigate with other drivers going fast around blind spots. But it’s all worth it for the view from up top.

On the way to the cable car station
Only room for one car
Our ride, the Skoda
Dubrovnik Old Town
Very breathtaking

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