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A Work in Process Since 1882

Jojo and I are not huge on cathedrals. When we went to Notre Dame, we quickly decided the interior was not worth the 2 hour wait in the hot sun. Sure we missed seeing the gargoyles but we would rather be sipping wine at a sidewalk patio anyway.

Construction started in 1882

However, Barcelona is synonymous with Gaudi and Sagrada Familia is his most famous work. Luckily I was able to purchase online tickets with pre-allocated timeslot to enter the cathedral and also to go up one of the towers. The tickets were €29 per person.

Expected date of completion is 2026

We see from the outside that construction is very much in progress. The groundbreaking took place in 1882. This cathedral has been a work in process for the last 134 years. There was an Asian couple taking their wedding pictures in front of the Sagrada Familia, I’m not sure if I would have wanted cranes as the background to the “most romantic day of your life”.

Must prove that we were there

Once we take our requisite selfie, we step inside and the magnitude of the interior hit us like a bullet train. The outside is impressive but the interior is mind blowing.

Stained glass window reaching all the way up to the ceiling
Afternoon sun lighting patterns through the stained glass windows
Gradient of colours
Columns shaped like tree trucks reaching for the sky
Amazing detail in each window pane

With our ticket we had the chance to go up on one of the towers. We picked the Passion Tower which is suppose to be higher. I can’t say that Barcelona has the prettiest city view.

Jesus statue close to the Passion Tower
Only notable building is a very phallic looking tower
Grape decoration on the roof top of the cathedral
Elevator only goes up so it’s a nice stroll down many winding stairs

I am glad to have experienced Sagrada Familia. There is modernity to the statues and decor which is very different from your typical European cathedral. It’s definitely one of a kind.

The Kiss of Judas. The numbers on the left somehow add up to 33 which is the age of Jesus when he died.
Words carved into the doors of the cathedral

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