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Kittens and Wishes

Our second day in Ruifang area was spent in Houtong and Shifen. We hired a taxi for the day to drive us around to the different villages for 2000 NT.


Our first stop is the Houtong Cat Village. So many cats, so little time to take their pictures! I had a giant grin the whole time.


Village used to be a dying mining town and became a tourist destination when a cat lover started to take care of the abandoned cats of the village.


Next we went to see the Shifen falls. It was a bit of a let down as we were expecting this hour long hike to it, only to find ourselves at the falls very quickly once we crossed the bridge.



After the falls, we went to Shifen Village to get some street snacks. The town is very unique with the train tracks running right through the main village street.

Everyone rushes off the tracks when the train passes through town

The main thing to do at Shifen is to send a wish balloon into the sky from the train tracks.


Our wishes were pretty modest compared to other ones wishing for more money, perfect 4.0 GPA or a hot girlfriend.

Sending our wishes to the sky
Sending our wishes to the sky

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