China,  Suzhou

All The Pretty


I think these are plum blossoms. They bloom in winter and they smell absolutely amazing.


Our first stop this morning was the Suzhou Museum. Even though admission to the museum is free, there were scalpers trying to sell us package tickets to the museum and nearby gardens for a “discount”. They were so aggressive, I almost lost my cool and ready to punch them in the face. All while smiling of course, that’s the Suzhou way. Suzhou dialect is known to be very soft spoken and has a sweet lilt, even when they are swearing at you.


Fortunately the calming interiors of the Suzhou Museum quickly calmed me down.


Next we visited the Humble Administrator’s Garden. This garden is the biggest and a UNESCO heritage site. Very well laid out.


The weather couldn’t be any better, the sun was out and the cold winter air was crisp and fresh.


Next, we visited the Lion Grove Garden. It is a smaller garden compared to Humble Administrator’s but it has a very interesting stone island maze.


Narrow corridors, bridges and stairs wind through this stone island maze. It was the coolest thing.


One more picture of the pretty to bookend this post.

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