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Green Tea


Checked out Longing tea fields and had the most expensive roadside cup of tea today. We took a bus uphill to check out the tea village which was not particularly interesting. The village people saw tourists as obvious cash cows to serve 30 RMB cups of tea to. I would have skipped the tea if not for the fact that we were tired and in need of washroom facilities. Moo!


Along the way, we keep seeing meat hung out to dry in the sun, especially what appears to be geese. Makes me wonder if this is a local dish. The strung out birds didn’t exactly make an appetizing picture.


We went to Green Tea Restaurant for lunch as it was right next to the tea fields.


I especially enjoyed the lotus root stuffed with sticky rice and the steamed fish head.


As we were wondering around, we met up with a little friend.


We had the most crowded, bumpy and puke-inducing bus ride back to our hotel. Perhaps it’s a sunny Saturday and most Hangzhou residents and visitors are out and about but the city felt very claustrophobic this afternoon. We will likely be hiding out in our hotel room for the rest of the night.


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