zombie walk vancouver

since 2005, zombies have paraded their way through downtown vancouver and the tradition continued this year.  although we haven’t done the walk before, a friend’s wedding day landed on the day of the 2015 walk so they incorporated a zombie escape into their wedding video.
this year’s walk started at the art gallery and pathed its way down robson street, turning south at denman street and ending at english pay.  i lost count after the first hundred zombies passed by me but there were enough of the walking dead to halt traffic for over half an hour.  but how could you stay mad at them?

one of the most detailed of the day… the moss and scabs are pretty authentically downtown eastside vancouver, err, zombie-ish
you don’t want nun o’ this
seriously.. trade an asian for david bowie or prince.
and everybody was open for photo-ops. i was on the wrong side when these japanese schoolgirls hit the ground. or was i?
need. mask. for. snowboarding.
a slightly bloodier depiction of what marriage looks like
i’m definitely digging the boy scout uniform
who says that the undead doesn’t have a sense of humour?
it’s hard to look at an egg carton and be scared
what my leg looked like earlier this year after taking an underwater fall in el nido, philippines
what the dead in vancouver truly look like
even zombies are scurred of sars
to all you healthy eaters… he/she’s coming for you

it was a great day to bring the camera out except that i had already sent mine in to fuji for a warranty issue so i got to use haha’s much more complex setup.  with more than twice the features and me possessing less than half the knowledge, there was a steep learning curve for the day.  i don’t have a ton of memorable shots but what i’ve taken from the day was that canon users know their stuff.  my little fuji x-t10 feels like a fisher price model in comparison.

the belle of the ball

found a little zombie hunter as well lurking on the sidelines…


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