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home sweet home on the horizon

home sweet home.  it feels like it’s been an eternity since i’ve muttered those words.  our plans for one long continuous trip around the world has fallen short as we need to stop off at home to be responsible adults for at least a few weeks.  we’re still planning to head south to south & central america and these few weeks should give us some time to plan that portion out more indepthly.  what started as some sorrow for me to be parting ways with europe has turned into excitement; coming home means just that.  all the creature comforts that we’ve lived without.  the location that we’ve been consciously and subsconsciously comparing everything to.  the place where everything is familiar and that we have all taken for granted at some point.

miss our old hood the west end and watching sunsets from the beach

what i am looking forward to:

just thinking about my bed, pillow and blanket are making me swell up with tears of joy.  i am the little bear who tried nearly 50 beds this year in order to find the one that was just… right.

-mustard greens & bean curd, pork hock, bbq pork @ chez tsien
-fish, conchinita pibil &  al pastor tacos @ sal y limon
-#46 + no salad @ thai son
-lemongass chicken banh mi @ tung hing
-pizza @ buffala
-mongolian beef @ chili pepper house
-koobideh + kashke bademjan @ cazba
-burger @ pourhouse
-beef brisket curry @ mui garden
-chicken nanban @ cafe l’orangerie
-3 spice chicken, vegetable rice cakes, deep fried tofu @ delicious one
-xlb @ lin’s chinese kitchen
-sticky rice wrap @ t&t
-roasted pork @ master hung
-beef noodle soup @ wang’s

i don’t miss drinking as a whole but i’m going through brewery withdrawl.  all i need is a few drops of brassneck’s passive aggressive ipa and powell street brewery’s white ipa.

having ultimate freedom and not being locked down to a transit schedule.  i have a feeling that i’ll start to enjoy driving again as long as it’s not tied to work.

getting active:
hiking, biking, tennis and enrolling in swimming lessons.  the sooner i get swimming under my belt the sooner i can wear speedos without shame.

one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts and a handful of tshirts have been in heavy, heavy rotation for the portion of the trip without snow and i’m so sick of them.  i can’t wait to get home to my wardrobe… oh wait, i brought all the stuff i wanted to wear and i threw out all my ‘might wear’ clothes back in asahikawa.  well, at least i have more than a week’s worth of underwear waiting for me at home.

tennis crew (bdc represent!), biking and hiking crews, my fellow compadres who are turning the big 4-0 this year (sucks that we didn’t get a trip together to commemorate it), my parents, the kids who have grown another year since i’ve last seen them and my little dumpling who was born into this world last month to mr meatball and mrs potato head, which should technically make him a pierogi but we’ll debate semantics later.


i haven’t been without a home for this amount of time and while it was a thoroughly enjoyable and liberating experience, i’m excited to come home.  well for a few weeks anyways until my parents move to their new home.  2016, the year of the drifter continues.

home sweet home.

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