Belgium,  Bruges

bruges after dark

bruges is such a fantasy-like town that as good looking as it is during the day, it’s even better looking at night.  the canals and towers are lit up and if you’re lucky, you’ll still catch some swans swimming around.  we had planned to take some photos on our first two nights in town but like denmark, the sun doesn’t go down until quite late.  by 10pm it’s just becoming dusk and it’s not fully dark until nearly 1030pm.  so the previous nights when we decided to pop inside to warm up, we just got too comfortable and never left the confines of our toilet-puck scented room.  though in our defence, one of the nights we stayed up to rewatch ‘in bruges’ because, well, we’re geeks.

while colin farrell’s initial take on bruges was harsh,

if i grew up on a farm and was retarded, bruges might impress me.  but i didn’t so it doesn’t

he did lighten up after walking around town at night time so i guess bruges just has that magical power about itself.

our first stop at dusk. it took a long time to get dark but the light faded quickly
it was really cool how quickly the colours changed
and the final one just past 10pm
minnewater bridge
the view from minnewater bridge looking back at church of our lady bruges
a closeup of minnewater bridge
the beginjohf, home to ’emancipated lay-women’ in the medieval ages and now home to only about 25 nuns
the church of our lady of bruges
probably some really long name that i didn’t have the awareness to remember
the lone swan either posing for pictures or looking for a midnight snack
with thinned out crowds and reflections galore, bruges is a great place to stroll
a retired canal tour boat
one of the boarding docks for the canal tours. very quiet as they stop operating at 5pm
the belfry in the calm of the night
bruges in a nutshell

just like photography has piqued my interest, shooting at night is both challenging and fun especially when there’s water around.  i’m really looking forward to amsterdam especially with moving boats.  i’m going to have to start mortgaging some of my tennis gear for a legitimate tripod once i get home…

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