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truffles for brunch? in croatia… yes please

by recommendation of frank, we made a pit stop for lunch on our way from porec to zagreb.  motovun is a town east of porec and is situated smack dab in the middle of truffle country.  every autumn, the truffle harvest begins and the town gets quite lively and busy with vistors.  being july, we were a bit early but we weren’t there for the festivities, we were only there for the food… ok, we were there for the truffles alone.

motovun is perched upon a hill that overlooks a large number of villages and we chose to visit one of the villages for lunch to get away from the crowds.  it took a few turnarounds and about 15 minutes of driving down a deserted road but we knew it’d be worth it in the end.

If you squint really hard, you can see motovun at the top of the hill
Truffles to be had around the bend
An unassuming looking building

unlike many of the menus that we’ve seen in croatia up to this point, the menu here was only one page and had less than a handful of dishes with truffle.  finally the decision process was easy… one order of truffled pasta (fuzi) and scrambled eggs.

pricing for dishes with truffles on them seemed pretty standardized throughout croatia at about 80 kuna ($16 cad) however the quantity they used here was noticeably more generous.

mmm, fresh handmade pasta
so simple and sooo good when spread on bread
I wanted to lick the plate

not the fancy stuff we’d see in french and italian restaurants but what can i say, i’ve got a pretty ghetto palate.  so simple and tasty.  it’s too bad that our bags aren’t big enough to house a few jars of this stuff 🙁

even being off the beaten path, this restaurant was getting a steady stream of people coming through.  all tourists and a few tables of italians during the time we were there.  and of course a few other friends to hang out with as well

I wonder if cats eat truffles

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