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trading dubrovnik’s crowds for beaches: a daytrip to cavtat

by the third day of our dubrovnik stay, the antisocial me had kicked in and i had had my fill of crowds.  we spent a full day navigating our way through the hordes of old town and all i wanted to do was get away, as far away as possible and sit somewhere quiet for a change, preferably a beach.

there aren’t a huge number of options for beaches that cater to weak swimmers (ie: waters that you can walk into instead of immediately drowning in) however less than an hour away is the resort town of cavtat that offers up a handful of beaches and a fraction of the crowds.  to get there, we took the bus #10 that departed from the main terminal (this bus does not go by old town, we almost made that mistake and would have cost us an extra hour!)

Bus #10 dropping us off at Cavtat bus station
Cavtat harbour off main square

nowadays, cavtat is more or less a tourist/resort town but catering to a different crowd than it’s neighbour dubrovnik.  quiet and relaxed, the town has lots of waterfront dining options and maybe an equal number of beaches that surround the town.

Jlo not wanting to let sleeping cats lie
Lots of gelato options along the way
Living the good life in Cavtat

i’m getting used to the idea of any exposed rock being home to sunbathers.  i’m surrounded by mermaids and mermen.

Merman on the rocks
Nice shady areas along the water but chairs would be needed
Man’s best friend

i also feel like we’ve spent a few gua bao’s worth on lounge chairs this summer though these ones were quite a bit cheaper at 30 kuna each.  the water near cavtat is quite shallow, calm and very clear.

A little friend came to visit by our lounge chairs
Enjoying the evening sun


while we were spending our time in the water, haha was devouring yet another book all afternoon to the point where she couldn’t put it down.

is there a pokemon go in that book?

we would get our rental car the next day and there will be many stops over the following two weeks.  so we extended our stay on the beach until the late evening and took the bus home around golden hour

the adriatic & ionian seas are definitely worth the flight to get to
This old boat has seen better days

the drive to and from cavtat is very scenic and offers up some great vantages of not only dubrovnik’s old town but also the sheer cliffsides leading down into the deep blue waters of the ionian sea.  if bussing there, definitely recommended to sit on the side facing the water for the view unless you’re not a fan of heights.  some sight seeing, a little game of thrones geeking out and some lounging time… a perfect way to say goodbye to dubrovnik.

Our last sunset at Dubrovnik

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