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Coolest Museum in Humlebaek

For some reason there is a museum of modern art in Denmark named Louisiana. According to Wikipedia, the name of the museum derives from the first owner of the property who named the villa after his three wives, all named Louise. How convenient for him.

Names aside, this modern art museum is one of the best we’ve been to. It’s interactive, it has outdoor installations we can take naps on and the cafeteria serves alcohol that you can drink on the lawns of the museum. Can’t get better than that!

We took the train from Norreport station to Humlebaek which is about a  30 minute train ride away from Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful town with nice houses edged by neatly maintained hedges. The museum was a 15 minute walk from the train station. We were very surprised to find the entrance fee to the museum to be very reasonable, only 115 DKK (~$22 CDN) when everything else is so extremely expensive.

Cute little sidewalk stand on the way to the museum

The first thing we see as we enter the main lawn of the museum is a giant wooden pyramid overlooking the ocean.

Pyramid just begging to be climbed
And climbing it is exactly what we do

Really good exhibitions in place. Our treshold for most museums are not very high. It’s not that we don’t like art, we do. It’s just that most modern art museums has a little too much of all black paintings and toilets nailed to the wall (sorry Duchamp). The Louisiana is very different. To me, the Louisiana had a lot of exhibitions that I could experience like the pyramid that we could sleep on.

My favourite is the Yayoi Kusama installation called Gleaming Lights of the Souls. We were in a room surrounded by many lights.




Exhibition covers period from 1945 to the present. Like all modern art, some pieces are thought provoking, others only have meaning to the artist.

Coloured lines, very meaningful
Light box installation showing devastation of war
3D art
Bland and white painting
Some modern installation of immense meaning
Having fun with strobe lights
Weird trinkets at the gift shop

We grabbed a quick bite from the gallery cafe. The food prices were actually very reasonable and the portions were pretty big. We had couple of the open faced sandwiches which is a Danish specialty.

Roast beef
Salted cod

We wished we had brought a blanket and picnic goods for hanging out on lawn as the other visitors were doing.

Enjoying the ocean view
Picnicking under the shade of a tree

Louisiana MOMA

Gl. Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebaek

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