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first 24 hours in lisbon

what do i like?
-the thought of the original egg tart finding its way into my mouth at some point over the next 7 days
-almost have our next 4-6 weeks of our travels planned out which include seeing my parents and two friends from vancouver, all in separate cities.  fun!

what do i dislike?
-many unesco heritage sights in the city limits and proximity of lisbon.  cool but… <groan>

what do i like/dislike about the new accomodations?
love the full size kitchen, cozy, modern, comfortable bed, couch and chairs.  very good use of space.  just up the hill in the baixa area so we’re very central to rossio.

Colourful decor
The washer has english dials, yes!
Cute dutch furniture
Nice comfy bed

biggest adjustments from the previous stop?

although double the size of porto and only half of vancouver’s population, lisbon feels like a big city in the sense that the streets are bustling and there are multiple metro lines servicing all the reaches of the city

what was our first meal?
after opening up the cupboards and finding a bag of rice we decided to cook at home.  both of us were dying for anything on plain rice.  3 stir-fry dishes: julienned potatoes, broccoli/garlic, tomato/onion/egg and good ol’ long grain white rice

Very simple but oh so good!

overall impressions?
if porto was any indication on what a portuguese city is like, i’m really looking forward to a fun week.  we have loads of tips and recommendations from friends on things to see, eat and do in lisbon and this is also the first city this trip where we have a physical guide book in our hands (i’ll find a way to get this back to you frank) so i’m expecting to see a lot

what do i like?

Our airbnb is on the high side in terms of cost at $100 cdn per night but it’s new and very cozy. Love that there is a mini library with three books by one of my favourite author. I will be reading lots for sure!

what do i dislike?

The stairs we had to climb to get to our airbnb. It’s located at the top of a very steep hill. We walked up what seems like endless flights of stairs with our carry on suitcases in tow under the midday sun. Luckily we have been climbing stairs and hills throughout our trip thus far and it didn’t tire us out too bad.

what do i like/dislike about the new accomodations?

The airbnb is newly renovated and very well decorated. Of course there is always a BUT…the shower drain doesn’t work very well. I almost flooded the bathroom floor.

Fancy shower head. However, the input flow is exponentially greater than the output drainage.

biggest adjustments from the previous stop?

Having to take the metro to get around again. Every metro system has their quirks and trying to figure out how to buy that first ticket with a lineup of people behind you can get a bit intimidating.

what was our first meal?

All I remember is having white rice. So good! It’s been a little over 3 weeks since we left Hong Kong but it feels like an eternity since we had Chinese food. Have been craving it so bad.

Overall impressions?

I notice this especially in Lisbon, the Portuguese seem to be a bit reserved at first but they have the warmest smiles once you start talking to them.

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