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Many Pieces of Gaudi

We had time to see two other architectural works of Gaudi while in Barcelona. Both were commissioned by Eusebi Guell, a wealthy Spanish industrial tycoon.

Guell Palace

Mansion located in the El Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. We walked by and noticed that there was no line up, so we decided to pay the €12 to get in. The attention to detail was amazing.

Banister railing
Metal work wrapped around column
Stained glass windows featuring two Shakespeare characters, Hamlet and Macbeth

My favourite part of the mansion was the rooftop. Each of the chimneys had Gaudi’s signature look of using tiles to create funky and colourful objects of art.

These are chimneys
Practical but interesting to look at
Patterns made from broken pieces of tile
Raval neighbourhood is still a bit edgy and in the process of gentrification. The backyard view from Guell Palace shows patio with tons of broken glass bottles, balconies with laundry hanging out to dry.
Tourist photo of the day

Park Guell

We only toured the outside grounds of Park Guell as the only available entry into the museum was at 8pm. The design of the exterior grounds is very distinctively Gaudi, beautiful tile works and archways and platforms with columns like tree trunks.

Guell family must let people know this is their house yo!
Rocky balconies only Gaudi could dream up
View of Barcelona from the top of the hill, not the prettiest we have seen
Tourist shot of the day

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