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a rainy, down day to catch up in madrid

we had a rough go in barcelona and were beyond overjoyed when we set foot into our madrid digs.  everything looked so… soft, we just wanted to settle in and sleep the rain away.  we had a lot to catch up on at this point though… blog posts, camera issues, phone issues, laptop storage running low, mapping out a new city…

-the downside of having a camera to deal with now… ending up with gigs upon gigs of photos to backup to dropbox.  thanks to our nonexistent wifi in barcelona, i had to start the process of syncing everything to the cloud in madrid on our faster connection.  running at 24 hours a day at peak speed, it was estimating 5 days to complete.  UGH.
-we both had such bad sleep in barcelona and felt like we couldn’t settle into our icebox of a laneway home, we were perfectly content with staying bundled up inside with a comfy bed, warm shower and a full kitchen to stretch our legs out in
-having said that, we didn’t get too adventurous with our cooking.  instead, we ate a lot of cured meats, cheese and were able to add some veggies to the mix as well.  oh yeah, and vitamin w(ine).  lots of it.  i feel like a champ now.

-on our last night in barcelona, we had a dish in a skillet with lightly cooked eggs, cured meat and crispy potatoes all mixed in, in one messy glob.  it was far from anything presentable but it was amazing to eat.  you could scoop up as much or as little as you wanted with your tomato bread and since we were too lazy to make the tomato bread at home (with a lack of a toaster/oven), we tried to recreate this dish for breakfast in madrid.  one-pot meals work so great in tiny kitchens

our first breakfast. it turned out a little bigger than we expected
lomo, pear and wine. we walked around for 30 minutes for food, couldn’t decide on a place, went into the market to buy toilet paper, went home for a drink and ended up making this our dinner.  oh yeah, 1.50euro wine.
breakfast #2, leftover everything, scooped up with bread. yolk city
wine, chorizo, lomo, potatoes and pear. but most importantly, a 3euro bottle of wine

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