Barcelona,  Beaches,  Spain

the randomness of barceloneta beach

breezy, overcast 18 degree days… what perfect beach weather!

we weren’t expecting much but this was the nicest day of our stay in barcelona so we made an outdoor day of it at park guell and the late afternoon walking the main promenade of barceloneta beach.  we started close to the w hotel and walked eastwards towards the casino and the mixed bag of things we saw were as follows:

some tennis/racquetball hybrid game played in contained courts. couldn’t figure it out by watching but i’d like to try it sometime
hawkers selling all sorts of junk from nikes to handbags to beach towels to freshly mixed mojitos
some were working for their tips like this guy building a sand monkey or something
or this la sagrada familia with flames. sweet. but i still didn’t donate
or even stroll on the beach sans anything
brave man, leaving nothing to the imagination
oh hi. you like to play with your dog? well i’ll just stand over here then and play hard to get
because… nekkid is good.

further along the strip we found a quieter area to sit down in some concrete chairs that were still warm from the afternoon sun.  it overlooked two piers filled with fishermen and a gym where a few guys put on quite the show.  the muscleheads were doing their thing and then these gymnast/breakers were practicing aerial tricks on a set of uneven bars, trying to throw 360s while in the air and grabbing the bar on the way back down.  or flipping around and trying to stall/stand on top of the bar mid rotation.  pretty cool to sit back and take in the show…

best seats in the house
and what post would be complete without cats
i believe this was a casino or an auditorium. either way, it looked cool

later we found out from our airbnb host that there that the long coastline is divided up into different beaches for different, um, clientele… if you will.  we’ll call him a pioneer for the beach season

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