Hiking,  Hong Kong

hiking the dragon’s back on hk island

we had originally planned to do this hike on our first stopover through hong kong but with thundershowers all week and one hiker being hit by lighting just a day prior to our arrival we opted against getting our brain cells fried.

the hike starts from chai wan which is on the east side of hong kong island.  a 20 minute ride from central and then it’s a 15 minute walk from the mtr station to the cemetary where the trailhead begins.  i think that this is actually the reverse order of how the majority of the people do this hike because it allows you to go downhill through the cemetary which is the steepest climbing section.  i prefer going from this route because it allows you to walk towards the beaches.

stairs, stairs, stairs to walk through the cemetary.  a nice way to start since it’s quiet and serene.  an unusual feeling in hong kong.


child’s play after three months in asia
even in death, they’re living in apartments


at the top the path flattens out and it’s more like a stroll with a concrete wall on one side and bushes lining the right side.  we came out into an area that was filled with little brown butterflies that didn’t seem to mind you getting up close and personal with them.

it’s not a cracker, it’s a butterfly!
so many and they all had the same brown colouring with white dots
funky leaves
mo flowas mo problems

this continued on for about 20 minutes and then the path narrows and begins to get covered with trees.  you can get a few peeks out towards the water on the west side along the way but for the most part it’s shrouded until you get to the next uphill section.  this is where the dragon’s back starts.


feels just like the city. slightly eerie to not have anybody running up on your heels
bet you they’re broken up by now
i feel like frodo and haha is my samwise
samwise says this way to the shire!

this is where the path seemed to get busier as oncoming traffic must have either started late or lingered about to take pictures up top.  it was a bit windy today but as long as we kept moving we were ok for temperature.  it was still over 20 degrees but the wind prevented the sweat from soaking through unlike walking around the city!

the beginning of the rolling hills
overlooking big water bay
the occasional moment of solitude
aaaand we’re back to our regularly scheduled crowds
looking for a shortcut down to shek-o

at a leisurely pace, it took us about 2.5 hours for the whole hike and we even took a minibus to shek-o to walk around for a bit.

little beach town on the tip of hk island
why, hello there 🙂
not quite at the level of philippine beaches but we take what we can get

there it is… a different side of  hong kong.  enjoy the city life but get out into the hills for a little break from the chaos!

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