Beaches,  Bohol,  Philippines

Hanging with Mr. Turtle

We had it good at the Bohol Bee Farm. It was pretty easy to while away the day being lazy and eating ice cream every day.

The cat has the right idea
So many flavours, so little time to sample them all
More fun anytime there’s ice cream involved

We did manage to do some water activities. Being the non-swimming Asians that we are, Frank, Joe and I tagged along with a diving group to do some snorkeling. We were the ones in our bright life jackets.

Ready to see some fishies

We spotted a giant sea turtle just hanging out by the reefs. It’s pretty awesome to see turtles, always makes me think of Finding Nemo. It’s like “Whoa…dude!”.

Jojo doing well for a first time snorkeler

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