sunrise in bohol

i must be a loner at heart.  las cabanas’ crowds almost singlehandedly ruined sunsets for me and while bohol’s sunsets were quiet amazing, i wanted more solitude.  haha and i woke up at 430 one morning to head out to catch the sunrise.

we still had our scooter rental so our plan was to drive to a beach on the southeast portion of the island to catch the sunrise in full.  unfortunately the sun was already poking through so we walked down to the deck of the chill bar and set up shop there.  aside from the handful of staff members who were setting up the breakfast area, everybody else was sound asleep… even the dogs!  we plopped our chairs up to the railing and sat in silence for most of it.

good morning
moon was still out inas the sun was coming up
pretty calm waters all the way out
setup the gopro for a timelapse shot of the sunset
moments like this are what i’ll remember most about this trip as a whole
still a little bit of dew this morning
tried a pano of our little corner of the bee farm

by the time we headed back up for a nap, the dogs were up and about.  this little guy was playing hide and seek with me.

umm. i see you.
i still see you.
could use some more work on his technique

also walked past one of the gardener’s picking lettuce for the salad at breakfast


which was a mango, pineapple, parmesan mix with honey dijon dressing


plate #1. the potato at 1o’clock was crispy all throughout. more like the consistency of giant water chestnut. so good. fish and waffles on the sides.

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