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our first filipino dinner and… pizza

this was back in el nido and we had had maybe 3 days of filipino bbq but no homestyle meals as of yet (with the exception of one chicken adobe on the beach that tasted like soy sauce chicken.  yucks).  we stopped by one place that had a mix of food so we ordered three traditional dishes:

pork sisig – chopped up pig’s face mixed with chicken liver, onions, carrots and fried in a hot skillet with a raw egg
pancit – a traditional filipino noodle dish
chicken adobe – saucy, smokey chicken slow cooked in a rich brown sauce of soy sauce and adobe chili and spices

all of the dishes were served up in smaller portions than we had expected (which was fine for the sisig since none of us were in love with it) and somewhat fusion-y.  the search for our homestyle meal continues…

as consolation, this place did have a wood burning oven and their pizza was surprisingly very good!  crispy, dry and slightly chewy crust topped with tomato sauce, corn, ham and purple onions.

surprisingly good!

we’ve been so lazy this week so we opted to walk around town tonight rather than sit around for a drink.  on the northeastside of town is the quieter area and seemed like was where the locals hang out.

even the night skies are nice here

we came upon some street food stands on one of the darker streets, lined with the lights of the local vendors:

feet. get your chicken feet here.

and also found a church that lead us to…

an organized community basketball game and…

getting tired just watching
cute little cheerleader clapping for her team
lim was the steve francis of the group. shot selection of a blind guy
the only atm we found in whole town! which was out of order :/

there were also a whole street of hostels, backpacker lodges, foreign restaurants and massage parlours though i’m pretty happy that we’re staying where we are.  smaller, quaint and without the north american and european influence.

haha and karan sharing a moment behind one of the many neon clad trikes in town

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