Beaches,  El Nido,  Philippines

from el nido to las cabanas beach

aside from the small beach out of town, one of the more common beaches in the el nido area is las cabanas.  if you walk around town in the morning, trike drivers will consistently ask if you’d like to head to nacpan beach.  by the afternoon, all of them will have changed their tune to las cabanas because it’s closer and it is famous for the sunset.

i had my doubts as to how good it would be if they’re pushing it down your throat but being 15 minutes away, it wasn’t much of a commitment.  and nacpan was offered just as much and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful beaches i’ve seen.  so we get a ride to las cabanas for 300 pesos each trike.  you can see the bay as you round the corners leading up to the beach and it’s quite the sight.

these open roads gets you to las cabanas in minutes from el nido

green/blue water with a small island very close to the beach that has a zipline running to it.

someon zipping down on the zipline. i think it was in the ballpark of 500pesos to ride it over

we walked down the steps and it was immediately very different from nacpan.

more crystal clear water. wooooo

one bar is immediately at the entrance with a huge seating area.  we opted to walk further down to try to check out the rest of the beach.

from the entrance of las cabanas looking west

bars and small restaurants line the coastline.  it’s smaller than nacpan with more development and it looked as if everybody aside from the jewellery salesmen were tourists.  sunburnt people sipping back on their san miguels everywhere you look.  we passed the main stage that was blasting their edm/dub tunes and continued towards the end that was quieter.

there might’ve been this many people in the whole 4km stretch of nacpan

beautiful scenery but with the tide being so low, only a small section of the beach could easily access the water.  the remaining areas required a decent walk over the rocks which would explain why all the people were crammed into one area of the beach.  since it was low tide, many dogs were walking around and exploring on their own.  caught sight of one dog dropping a deuce about 20 feet into the low tide area.  yeah….

how i picture beaches from soviet russia

we hung around for one drink and collectively decided to head back to town and catch the sunset from our beach.  definitely would give this place a miss if i were to do it again… spend more time at nacpan.  the sunset there is glorious without all the shit (literally) to deal with, you’ll just have to put up with a longer ride home in the dark.

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