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first 24 hours in panglau/bohol

what do i like?
-we got exactly what we asked for.  didn’t leave the bohol bee farm for the first day, ate all our meals here (in which all vegetables are grown on-site)
-cheap and good massages.  first one of the trip for me and man do i miss my rmt back home, camelia
-spent a few hours on the deck with beers in the sun.  also a first for this trip.

the view from our balcony in the morning

what do i dislike?
biggest adjustments from the previous stop?
to get my mind into the mindset to take things slow.  i have a horrible tendency to want to do too much and always want more out of the day.  time to turn that off to chill out after being on the road for nearly three months
what was our first meal?
vegetable stirfry with chicken.  we got in quite late as our ferry ride left cebu well after 5pm (thanks, filipino time!); tack on a taxi ride, check-in and we didn’t have dinner until nearly 9pm.  thier dining area is actually a tourist destination during the day and the food is far from local fare but what they cook is done very well with a healthy twist on everything minus the additional sweetness factor (mostly due to the mango and honey.  can’t really complain about that being on a bee farm though).

i must be feeling guilty if i ordered that

to start, they give you a plate of daily fresh baked bread; fluffy, whole wheat slices usually served warm with a small dish of pesto butter and mango butter spreads.  yeah, these were pretty bomb.  the vegetables were so fresh and dense that i could barely eat half of the mountain that was given to me.

that herb pesto spread. my gawd.

overall impressions?
this is probably the closest thing to an all-inclusive that i’ve stayed at.  two on-site massage centers, one poolside directly downstairs from our place and one on the cliff overlooking the sea, on-site made ice cream in 10+ flavours, reasonably priced and healthier food options in the restaurant, sun in the forecast and only a handful of other rooms taken up by visitors, i think it’s going to be a good week 🙂

what do i like?
Our travel friends Sarni and Toshi got us an upgrade to an ocean view room and the view is amazing. The room we got is huge with a king sized bed, by far the swankiest place we have stayed to date.
I had a full body massage by the ocean for only 600pp which works out to about $18cdn. I’m going back for more massages…

bad pic from the gopro but this is one of the massage rooms that overlook the water

what do i dislike?
Nothing, this place is awesome.

biggest adjustments from the previous stop?
Resisting the urge to eat that third ice cream cone.

what was our first meal?
I had spare ribs for dinner and it was delicious. The vegetables being grown right on the farm, you can taste the freshness and flavour, what veggies are supposed to taste.

soft, braised short ribs, red rice and a fresh lumpia (vegetable spring) roll covered in peanut sauce

overall impressions?
The first 24 hours in Bohol for me has been listening to the rhythmic ocean waves while getting a massage, looking at the night sky filled with stars and the moon light reflecting on the calm sea and watching the sky turn shades of pink and blue as the sun sets behind us. Can’t get better than this.

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