Hong Kong

glorious vancouver weather in hong kong

well our first 5 days in hk was pretty ugly overall. this was the forecast as we landed on sunday:

aside from spending time with my uncle and cousin, we had plans to hike the dragon’s back but the weather never cooperated. some days weren’t rainy but the visibility was still bad up at the top of the hills. not only that but with the risk of thundershowers, we didn’t want to end up like the poor guy who got hit by lightning the day before we arrived (lone hiker in an open area, wearing a titanium necklace; says that this strike will not discourage him from hiking in the future LOL).

with a fair bit of downtime this meant some time at home and some minor exploration of the city. downtime didn’t mean that we got to work on the blog as internet was down for a few days; i’d have to guess that this had something to do with the storm (my IT skills are still razor sharp). aside from that, i managed to play tennis once in tung chung with frank while liz and karan did a 3 hour hike to the big buddha. both of us made some additions to our travelling weight by way of some clothes for liz and a new camera for myself (since my phone is driving me nuts with how slow it has been working lately). beyond that, we’re just looking forward to the phillipines and hopefully some good weather when we return to hong kong next week.

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