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Hiking Elephant Mountain

*No elephants were harmed during this hike…or spotted.

We started yesterday with a hearty breakfast at Loco Food. I ordered a burger with mushroom, bacon and fried egg. Figured the egg makes it a breakfast burger.


By the time we headed to Elephant Mountain to begin our hike, it was 29°C. We questioned our wisdom to be hiking at high noon when the sun was at its hottest. Luckily there are lots of trees providing some relief.


The hiking trail itself was not long but it consists of stairs going all the way to the top. Because of the heat, not too many people was on the trail.


The views from the top was worth the buckets of sweat we perspired along the way. Lots of butterflies flitting from flower to flower all around us. PicsArt_04-07-10.53.36

We had the option to hike another trail but the heat made the decision for us to head back instead.


Even though the hike was really hot and tiring, it was worth it to be outside the city and enjoying the various mountain flora.


And the best reward at the end of the hike was shaved ice desserts from Ice Monster.

Pineapple and coffee flavours

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