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Funday Hongdae

I think Hongdae is my favourite neighbourhood in Seoul. It’s an area close to Hongik University which is known for their arts program so the neighbourhood is also very artsy with lots of street art.


We went last weekend and the place was packed with people shopping, watching the street performers and getting their caricatures done.


We managed to find a healthy lunch place where there was more veggies on the plate than meat and carbs which we promptly ruined by having the best waffle sandwich ever.

Single lady sweating over waffle maker. Three different flavours – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate…and butter.

The most fun part happens when the sun sets and the streets fill up with street performances varying in degrees of amateur enthusiasm.


One group in particular was not very coordinated but certainly seem to have the most fun as they perform current kpop hits from A-Pink, Psy and Big Bang. I am in all amazement watching one of the guys dance the night away in fake boobs, fishnets and high heels no less.

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