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leeum, samsung’s museum of art

our airbnb host made a strong push for us to visit the leeum museum in the itaewon neighbourhood.  in his words, “samsung has more money than the government so spend your time there”

the interior is pretty amazing in it’s own right

staircase down four floors from museum 1

12,000 won gets you access to all three of their museums; one dedicated to the history of seoul, another to contemporary art and a third to historical artifacts collected from korea’s dynasties.


the audio guides were all samsung galaxy phones and they would automatically play depending which exhibit you were closest to.

pretty coooooool

i’m not going to pretend i have any idea what i’m talking about when it comes to korean history.  i had a next-door-diner cough directly into my soup all lunch the previous day so i was feeling pretty cruddy by the third floor of the historical museum.  the leeum was also extremely dark in the first museum and i felt like i was sleepwalking through most of it.

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