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laid back afternoon in shimokitazawa

the last area we explored in tokyo was shimokitazawa aka the hipster factory.  i suppose they’re all over the world but the concentration was definitely higher here although more in the mid to late 20 year old range.  we both really liked the vibe in shimokitazawa; very chill, friendly and genuine.  most of the stores are vintage or second hand stores and unlike elsewhere in tokyo, everything is cheap.  some vintage stores were selling items as cheap as 700 yen (~$8 cad).  that’s 700 yen for everything… shirts, hats, belts, jeans, jackets.  everything.  naturally this store was jam packed and it looked like a night market inside, everyone was packed from shoulder to shoulder

since our window shopping for clothes has been so depressing we walked into a furniture store for some giggles.  it turned out that we saw lots of pieces that we wanted and they were all really afforadable; cheaper than home!  :*(

$120. ugh
$460. double ugh. i miss my couch.

nothing like a pancake pie to drown our sorrows.  it didn’t make sense but we ordered it anyways.  puff pastry and a layer of custard sandwiching a mini pancake.  crisp, flakey, moist and spongey textures all mixed into one awesome little snack.  much better than it sounded!

behold! the mcgriddle, now in dessert form

while looking for somewhere to sit down we found a store called book and beer; a small store that serves up beer while you browse through all their books and magazines.  they had a small selection of english material and a few picture heavy books on cats (welcome to asia!)

drinking and reading, finally at last

for dinner we decided to stay in the area and ended up at a yakiniku restaurant.  as we walked up, the host was in mid-bow in the middle of the alley, thanking the previous patrons as they exited the restaurant.  pork cheek, hanami (beef skirt), gyu tan (beef tongue) were our meat dishes.  we balanced it off with a cabbage salad and a few drinks.  (just realized that we have no pics of any of the juicy meat dinner 🙁  our bags got taken to get them out of harm’s way as oil has a way of jumping across the table in this place)

wish we had more time to hang out here as well as an empty suitcase.  definitely an area that both of us would come back to if even just for our new furniture 🙂

sunday evening, 10pm and the streets are still packed. fun!


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