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Mapo Tofu Times Two

Woke up this morning to a cold and rainy day, so we decided to stay in and get caught up with blog posts. Well, Jojo did all the posts while I caught up on Answer Me 1988 episodes. 😛

Hunger eventually forced us to look into dinner options. We found a Chinese restaurant close by that featured mapo tofu as their special dish. With couple of side dishes and 2 bowls of rice, our dinner came to ¥3420, about $40. Ouch! Most expensive Chinese food I’ve had in a while, especially compared to the same meal that can be had in Shanghai for less than $10.


We really wanted to order more rice because we still had more than half a bowl of mapo tofu left but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to order more rice at ¥250 a bowl. So we decided to take the remaining mapo tofu home to make a second meal. We have a bag of rice we needed to use up anyway. Quick run to the grocery store for some more tofu and greens…voila, we have a second meal.

Extra veggies and tofu cost ¥200

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