Japan,  Sapporo

Sapporo Cat Cafe

Made it back to Sapporo today and by chance on the way home from dinner, we pass the cat cafe I was hoping to get to before. So serendipitous!


Jojo took one for the team and visited the cat cafe with me after taking a Reactine. Everything in the cafe was cat themed, including the toilet paper dispenser.


I love the cross-eyed kitty, so cute!


As with all cats, they pretty much do whatever they want and mostly, they like to sleep. Even if it’s a bucket that’s too small for them. Lol


We stayed for 30 minutes and by then poor jojo was sniffling non-stop so we bid bye to the kitties.



    • jojo

      there’s a restaurant called chinese cuisine hotei (search for address: 9-1 Minami 1-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0061). if you’re looking at the restaurant from the sidewalk, walk about 30 feet to the right and there should be a small sign pointing upstairs to the cat cafe on the 2nd floor. there’s lots all over the city but in sapporo, many of them aren’t on the ground floor so just remember to look up!

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