Asahikawa,  Japan


We debated dinner options until we stepped out the door and saw snow blowing up and sideways.


Aeon Mall it is.


Somehow these two boys in the picture below didn’t get the memo to dress warmer. Ah youth. We’ve seen teenage girls with bare legs in this weather. Jojo has been trying to get some pictures without looking like a pervert.


We settled on warm soupy soba noodles.


On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by the grocery store downstairs to pick up some more Love Love Sand-wiches. We notice that by 8pm the onigiri shelves are completely bare every day.


The snow has already accumulated on the ground by the time we head back to the hotel.


As a West Coast girl, I’ve never experienced this much snow. It’s definitely another new experience for me. 😊

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