Sapporo Miso Ramen

We arrived in Sapporo right before dinnertime. Our Air BnB place is across the river, about a 15 minute walk to Susukino’s ramen alley. We managed to find a ramen restaurant with 5 free seats. The ramen restaurants are all pretty small, the one we ate at could fit maximum 8 persons. We put in our orders in the vending machine located at the entrance and by chance everyone chose the same option, the menu item with the charcoal pork belly. We all watched as the two ramen chefs go to work preparing our orders. First the pork belly and chopped pork chashu must be cooked to caramelized goodness.


It’s miso ramen food porn but instead of Marvin Gaye background music, we were listening to Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Lol.


We were all drooling by now.


Oh yeah….


The anticipation is palpable.


The ramen was delicious to the very last bite.


After dinner we checked out the ice sculptures nearby which was very well done.


Some were very elaborate.


It was very cold as we walked around and we were happy to find the nikuman stand along the way.


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