this is my closet for the next 10 months…

so i decided to neglect some other stuff i had planned for today to get my packing out of the way.  snowboard bag, packed.  carry-on bag, packed.  all that’s left is my backpack of critical items and electronics and the rest is history.  for those curious about what my wardrobe will consist of for the next ten months, here you go…

2016-01-21 23.16.12 

so i don’t forget, my rundown is basically:

shoes: flipflops, native apollos

pants: 2 x canvas jogger/jeans, jogging pants, 2 x merino wool tights

shorts: 2 x jean shorts, boardshorts, fitness shorts

shirts: 3 x cotton tees, 2 x dri-fit, 2 x button ups, 2 x merino wool base layers

jackets: windbreaker

socks: 2 x snowboarding socks, 4 x long, 2 x short

medication ($400 worth, i’m not losing this bag ffs!), toiletries
then it’s on to the meat of the trip.  yes, i’m super responsible.  grown man excited for snowboarding.  seriously, what’s wrong with me?  aaaaanyways… snowboarding! 😀

2 x mitts, goggles x 2 lenses, 3 facemasks (because they smell pretty amazing after a few uses), boots, pants, jacket, helmet

2016-01-22 00.29.04

boards: 150 thirtywo crab grab & 156 burton fish + genesis bindings & baseplate adapters

nobody really makes the trek to japan for anything except pow but i figure there’ll be days that don’t get dumped on.  at the time of this post, current base depths are: kiroro=350cm, niseko=300cm, furano=295cm, sapporo teine=260cm, rusutsu=190cm.  in comparison, whistler=220cm and baker=310cm.  can’t wait!  3 more sleeps…


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