and the countdown is on…


it’s new year’s eve and i’m trying to appease that nagging voice in the back of my head to knock yet another item off my lengthy to-do list before we embark on worldwide trip, aka soul searching mission, aka the year we run from responsibility.  so here we go… 6 more days until haha flies out to shanghai and 25 more days until i fly out to meet her in sapporo.  what’s going through my head?  it’s hard to pin down but it’s a healthy mix of both fear and excitement.  fearful of the unknown, the language barriers, the travelling mishaps (though i’m actually looking forward to those), the scheduling and even the weather since our first two months are dependant on that epic hokkaido snowfall.   on the flipside, i’m excited to embark on the longest trip i’ve ever been on,  exploring areas i’ve never been to, immersing myself in different cultures, getting knee-deep in randomess and meeting friends and family thousands of miles from home to share old and create new memories.  i still have a pretty big list of things to accomplish before the journey starts so i better get cracking.  more to come (hopefully)

🍻cheers 2016, looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us

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