the hawkers of spain

another culture shock element for us here… the street hawker.  in asia, the land of enterprising people, selling fake goods seems like a right of passage.  the giant malls (rundown buildings that have been out of maintenance for years) comprised of stalls where you can buy almost anything humanly imaginable from shoes to panties to […]

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Many Pieces of Gaudi

We had time to see two other architectural works of Gaudi while in Barcelona. Both were commissioned by Eusebi Guell, a wealthy Spanish industrial tycoon. Guell Palace Mansion located in the El Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. We walked by and noticed that there was no line up, so we decided to pay the €12 to […]

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A Work in Process Since 1882

Jojo and I are not huge on cathedrals. When we went to Notre Dame, we quickly decided the interior was not worth the 2 hour wait in the hot sun. Sure we missed seeing the gargoyles but we would rather be sipping wine at a sidewalk patio anyway. However, Barcelona is synonymous with Gaudi and […]

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first 24 hours in barcelona

jojo: what do i like? -food – potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!!!!  the bread’s also to die for.  dense, chewy and crusty… feels like i’m back in france -cool, crisp air.  i’ve actually gotten used to the hong kong and taipei humidity where it feels like you’re breathing in butter.  to get back to oxygen feels amazing […]

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