Sunflower Fields

On our way back from Cordoba to Seville, we noticed there were fields of sunflowers. The girly girl in me squealed in silent delight at the thought of running through a field of sunflowers. But the closest one we were able to get to was separated from us by a giant ditch and we could […]

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Dreaming of Granada

Even before we left, I knew that I want to come back to Granada. It’s such a beautiful city. So much greenery, colourful gardens, nice plazas to hangout. The city is small enough that you can walk everywhere. Within the city, there are many gardens known as carmens. Some are open to the public for […]

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tapas done right in granada

so our first dinner in spain was a must-do in the form of tapas.  we ended up at cerveceria catalana and had a great meal with a few wobbly-pops to the tune of 40 euro.  not cheap but not breaking the bank either.  with the countless restaurant reviews i’ve sifted through since we’ve been in […]

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the hawkers of spain

another culture shock element for us here… the street hawker.  in asia, the land of enterprising people, selling fake goods seems like a right of passage.  the giant malls (rundown buildings that have been out of maintenance for years) comprised of stalls where you can buy almost anything humanly imaginable from shoes to panties to […]

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Many Pieces of Gaudi

We had time to see two other architectural works of Gaudi while in Barcelona. Both were commissioned by Eusebi Guell, a wealthy Spanish industrial tycoon. Guell Palace Mansion located in the El Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. We walked by and noticed that there was no line up, so we decided to pay the €12 to […]

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