Funky Foods of Asia

I was able to sample some interesting foods while in Asia, some courtesy of the ever adventurous eating sensei Frank. Here’s a list of the highlights. Raw marinated crab. The ick factor for me was not knowing how clean the crab was going to be. The water in China is not exactly known for being […]

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Hanging with Mr. Turtle

We had it good at the Bohol Bee Farm. It was pretty easy to while away the day being lazy and eating ice cream every day. We did manage to do some water activities. Being the non-swimming Asians that we are, Frank, Joe and I tagged along with a diving group to do some snorkeling. […]

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Rolling Through the Hills

We came to Bohol to visit the famous tarsiers and chocolate hills. Bohol is a pretty big island so we hired a van to take the six of us instead of going by scooters as previously planned. This turned out to be an excellent decision as it took us almost an hour to get to […]

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sunrise in bohol

i must be a loner at heart.  las cabanas’ crowds almost singlehandedly ruined sunsets for me and while bohol’s sunsets were quiet amazing, i wanted more solitude.  haha and i woke up at 430 one morning to head out to catch the sunrise. we still had our scooter rental so our plan was to drive […]

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