Funky Foods of Asia

I was able to sample some interesting foods while in Asia, some courtesy of the ever adventurous eating sensei Frank. Here’s a list of the highlights. Raw marinated crab. The ick factor for me was not knowing how clean the crab was going to be. The water in China is not exactly known for being […]

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the many walking styles of asia

location: niseko terrain: resort town with fresh snow and high winds style: slowly, usually with our heels slipping out from under us resembles: location: rusutsu terrain: hotel lobbies and designated trails to the uploading lift style: upright resembles: location: otaru and sapporo terrain: flat & urban, fresh/packed snow, sub zero temperatures style: mostly small steps […]

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Love Love Sand

I really really love the peanut butter Love Love Sand. It was my daily quilty pleasure in Asahikawa until killjoy jojo reminded me how much sugar and calories are in one of these packages. Boo. The Love Love Sand are two pieces of white bread without crust pressed together to make a pocket for creamy […]

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