The Real Pastel de Nata

Since our sampling of the most famous Portuguese tarts in Macau, we of course had to try them in their native land. They are known as pastel de nata and we ate a lot of them all for the sake of research of course. The stand out ones are listed below. Our first one we […]

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first 24 hours in lisbon

jojo: what do i like? -the thought of the original egg tart finding its way into my mouth at some point over the next 7 days -almost have our next 4-6 weeks of our travels planned out which include seeing my parents and two friends from vancouver, all in separate cities.  fun! what do i […]

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shaved ice, ice baby

ah desserts.  everyone’s favourite crutch to fall back on to make themselves feel better about themselves before they can go back to hating themselves.  in the continent where desserts run wild, taiwanese desserts are more fruit-centric, refreshing and can be relatively low on the sweet scale while still making you lick your lips like ll […]

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