Funky Foods of Asia

I was able to sample some interesting foods while in Asia, some courtesy of the ever adventurous eating sensei Frank. Here’s a list of the highlights. Raw marinated crab. The ick factor for me was not knowing how clean the crab was going to be. The water in China is not exactly known for being […]

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New Old Street

Stinky tofu fried crispy, covered in hot chili oil and green onions! Finally had some at Nantang Old Street or what I like to call New Old Street. It’s a newly built shopping & restaurant complex made to look old school Chinese. All the streets are very nicely decorated. I really enjoyed the clean washrooms. I […]

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Old Ningbo

Ningbo like any other Chinese city is constantly growing, adding new buildings and metro lines at breakneck speeds. The neighbourhood where I grew up as a child is such an example. The old houses have all been vacated, now a ghost town of the past. Brick and mud to be turned to glass and concrete. […]

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