weekly summary #23 – berlin & warsaw

q. current home/addy where i stayed (neighbourhood) and how long a. berlin (templehof-schoneberg, hotel, 5 nights) warsaw (airbnb, centrum, 3 nights) q. favourite meal a. perogies, borscht and the polish version of a schnitzel at our first (but definitely not the last) milk bar q. most memorable moment / best highlight a. spending a few […]

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Funday Hongdae

I think Hongdae is my favourite neighbourhood in Seoul. It’s an area close to Hongik University which is known for their arts program so the neighbourhood is also very artsy with lots of street art. We went last weekend and the place was packed with people shopping, watching the street performers and getting their caricatures […]

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seoul street art

there’s art scattered all over the city of seoul.  from the buildings to the scuptures to the murals painted all over the walls in every neighborhood, there’s a lot to take in and the city looks to be quite supportive of local artists. ihwa mural village is one of four well known neighbourhoods in the […]

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